• Practice makes Perfect.
    Planned Perfection attends your rehearsal to make sure everyone knows what he or she is to do on your wedding day.  We collect all your necessary items (Unity Candle, Programs, Guest Book, Vendor Payments/Gratuities, etc.) on rehearsal night, so you do not need to worry about bringing them on the wedding day.
  • Who arrives, at what time?
    Planned Perfection creates timelines for you and your family and all wedding professionals on board.  Based upon your details we put together orchestrated timelines, from your photographer's arrival to the limo's departure.  We have it all spelled out, so every participant in the wedding knows the flow of your day!
  • We're making a list and checking it twice:
    That's right, we've got the timeline down and now we're checking in with all the wedding professionals.  One to two weeks prior to your event, we will call and confirm arrival times/set-up times with all of your vendors.  At that point if anyone has any questions or last minute requests, Planned Perfection will be the main contact for the event.
  • Greetings!
    So we've made it to the big day... where do we set up?  Can the lighting be adjusted?  Are there microphones?  Is the bride ready for pictures?  That's OK; Planned Perfection can answer all of those questions.  We gladly greet vendors as they arrive to set up and help in anyway we can.
  • All the Whistles and Bells.
    Planned Perfection will arrive two hours prior to the start of your ceremony.  At this point, we can set up your unity candle set, sand ceremony, candles, guest book, attach or arrange simple aisle décor, place rose petals down the aisle, and tend to those last minute details of making sure your ceremony is beautiful.
  • All those important people.
    Planned Perfection makes sure to take care of all those important people, who you may not get to see until the ceremony.  We greet the grandparents and parents and make sure they get their corsages and boutonnieres.  We find the readers and soloists, the guest book and program attendants, the groomsmen, and all the in between to make sure they get their corsages and boutonnieres.  Not only that, if grandma and parents are walking down the aisle, we will make sure their purses, cameras, tissues and personal belongings are brought to their designated seat ahead of time.
  • May I escort you to your seat?
    Whether you have 50 or 300 guests, everyone likes some direction.  Planned Perfection will give your ushers a refresher in who gets seated and where.  We can remind them that you wanted the first two rows reserved for immediate family and the remainder to be filled out evenly so that the groom's side doesn't overpower the brides side, or vice versa.
  • Is it Go Time?
    Is it my turn to walk?  Rest assured, Planned Perfection will be there to guide your entire wedding party.  We will worry about lining everybody up at the appropriate times and cueing the musicians for the processional and recessional.
  • Who's watching the clock?
    Planned Perfection will make sure that the wedding starts on time and stays on schedule all throughout the day.
  • Receiving Line, Send-Off, what do we do now?
    Planned Perfection will gladly orchestrate a receiving line.  Bubbles, Petals, Sparklers, whatever you fancy, we will make sure all of your guests get their items and line up after the ceremony for your grand exit.  We will make sure the photographers are ready for that perfect shot before we send you off!  Whether you are headed right to the reception, or you are going back to the ceremony location for pictures, Planned Perfection will make sure all parties involved know what is happening next.
  • We'll take care of that.
    At the conclusion of your ceremony, Planned Perfection will gather and transport your ceremony items to the reception.  Those beautiful arrangements and pew decorations will find a home for the rest of the evening at a predetermined spot at the reception.  We will pack up your left over programs (yes there will be left over programs!), guest book, gifts that were brought, and any other items you wish to have transported.
  • Where is Aunt Susie?
    Prior to your wedding Planned Perfection will have a copy of your "Must-take" photo list.  By having this we can make sure the necessary family and friends are readily available when the photographer is lining up that shot.
  • Check, Check and Check!
    When Planned Perfection arrives at your reception location we check all of your details to ensure they are correct.  Is the cake table where it is supposed to be and accompanied with your treasured cake topper, and cake knife and server set?  Are your toasting flutes in place, does your Candy Buffet look the way you envisioned it?  Is your seating chart/place card table accurate?
  • Are we all on the same page?
    Next we will check in with your catering staff, reception site coordinator, Disc Jockey or Band, and any other wedding professional to make sure we all have the same order of events.  If you decided to change something last minute, no worries, Planned Perfection can make sure all parties involved are aware of the change.
  • Shall we start the party?
    We sure should!  When it's time, Planned Perfection will gather and line up your family and wedding party for the announcements into the reception.
  • Eat Drink and be Married!
    During the first hours of your reception Planned Perfection will make sure to orchestrate and coordinate all the special events.  This includes your first dance, parent dances, special dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss and any other events planned.
  • We're on your side.
    Throughout the entire day Planned Perfection is here for you, we are your advocates.  We will oversee and troubleshoot any problems that may come up.  We will work with your wedding professionals and be the main point of contact for all parties involved.
  • Transportation and Accommodations.
    Sure, we can call you a taxi!  You need to know what room you are in no problem, let me make a quick call!  We will coordinate any shuttle or bus transportation for guests going to a hotel.
  • The Big Black Bag.
    Planned Perfection arrives at your event fully prepared for all the little nuisances that may occur.  Whether a button needs to be sewn, a hem fixed, a bobby pin here a safety pin there, we will make sure we have the fixings!
  • Now where am I supposed to put my checkbook?
    Wedding Dresses with pockets are in style, and all the rage, but seriously... Planned Perfection will make sure to distribute all final payments and gratuities to all vendors on your wedding day.
  • That's what friends are for.
    Planned Perfection is here for you.  We offer unlimited email and telephone correspondence (8:00 AM - 8:00 PM... come on, I had to put a cap on it somewhere) throughout your entire planning process.  When you need to talk to someone and all your friends are sick of hearing wedding talk, don't hesitate, we do this for a living and welcome all questions and concerns!