Family Photo Shoot with KM Photography

Hi All, This past November we did a secret family shoot to gift pictures to my family for the holidays.  It was Doug and I, and the kiddos and my sister and her kids.  The entire point of the shoot was to get all of the grand kids in one shot.  Well let's just say the kids had their own idea, and were not the most cooperative.

Kris and John from KM Photography met us in at Long's Park in Lancaster!  They were awesome, and as always got some pretty remarkable shots!  Even one of my son, doing a daily nose pick...I know gross!  But it was so funny to see, it is my Riley to a T!

Take a sneak peak of my family shots!  Love love them!  And i must say the shot KM Photography got of the mother just loved!  They were all in their own element!  My Son was holding his youngest cousin, so proud, and both girls were off in their own world!    Classic :)

Thanks Kris and John you are the best!