My daughter turns 1

My daughter Molly turned one on October 26, 2011. Before her birthday I had decided that I was not going to do the big birthday gathering that my son had when he turned 1. I really wasn't even going to decorate, but then I kept thinking...hmmm she may look back on this one day and think, why did i get shafted!! Plus I have some wonderful friends in the industry who helped make it extra special. I decided to just invite immediate family and siblings over for pizza and cake!

Take a look at the images below! My little Molly, she sure is something special!

Also the first couple of images are from my lovely sister-in-law, Amanda Kirkham!


A very big thank you to Bella Manse for the ADORABLE, simply beautiful cake she made for my little Miss Molly and the perfectly pink and cream lovely linens from Special Occasions!!