Angie and Kelly in NYC

A while back, Angie came to me asking for a planner to bring to life all of her DIY ideas and creations.  She knew what she wanted and was on a mission to make sure somebody saw her vision as she, and could carry it out in her absence on her wedding day.  I swear in her first email she had everything and anything laid out and covered that I would have asked in any type of planning and preparation form.  Angie was one of the most organized bride's I have ever come in contact with!!  Planned Perfection was very excited to be a part of Angie and Kelly's beautiful NYC wedding reception. One special surprise for all of her guests was that Angie and Kelly actually married in a private family ceremony on Thanksgiving Day in San Diego, CA.  Their family thought they were coming to share the holiday with the couple in their new home, but Kelly and Angie had different plans.  Upon arrival the family were greeted with a ceremony set up in their new home!  From the pictures the family seemed super surprised and most definitely very excited.

Angie and Kelly kicked off their NYC reception with a beautiful cocktail hour, then inviting guests into the reception.  At the beginning of the reception they played footage from their actual ceremony. What a special touch, and so nice to share with all of their guests.  Planned Perfection was hired on board to do all of their set up and tear down.

First stop, Angie and Kelly's condo to pick up all of the roses and reception decor.  When we arrived Angie's side of the family were there (guys) and let me tell you they were excited to see us.  The first words out of their mouths.."OH, we're so glad you are here...we thought we might have to take all this stuff!"  hahaha...guys!

We planned to get there early enough to enjoy a nice lunch at The Central Park Boathouse, were the reception was later being held.  It was sooo good!

Below take a look at the gorgeous couple and the finished product of the event!

The beautiful bride!

The first look


The reception

Cute way to let guests know all the details!

The first table guests saw as they entered cocktail hour.  Gift/Guestbook table

cocktail tables

Cake Table


We loved how they set up the bar

Escort Cards

Escort Card Table

Guest table centerpiece


Angie, I can't thank you enough for being so organized, so thoughtful and such a gracious bride!  Congratulations to you and Kelly!  What a beautiful couple!  I wish you many many years of happiness, love and laughter!