Best Wishes to Kelly Meints

Here is a recent picture from our last event we did together!  Thanks to Kris and John for snapping this one!

I'm sad to announce that one of my girls, Kelly Meints, who has been with me since 2008 is now leaving.  She is packing up and moving to Denver, CO!!  She has been such a wonderful asset to Planned Perfection and I will miss her dearly.

I remember one of the first events she did with me was at a ceremony downtown Lancaster and the reception at Lauxmont Farms.  I think it was the hottest day of the year.  We got to the reception site, that had no ac and the walls were bleeding with sweat, the linens were soaked from the humidity, the guest did not want to stay in their seats for the served dinner because it was so hot and to make matters worse I ended up losing my keys and had to send her home to get my spare, which ended up having her miss the whole reception :)  What a great assistant!!!  I then later found out that I just misplaced my keys and they were on a guest table...whoops!

Another event that stands out, was when we had a ceremony/reception in Harrisburg and I forgot some very important can recap that event here.  Make sure to read Adrian and Joe's is quite FUNNY!!!

We've had some pretty memorable events together that is for sure!  Kelly, I just wanted to say best wishes to you in your endeavors in CO and whatever you decide to do, you will be wonderful!