Without further delay...pictures from Best of Weddings

I have to apologize for the long vacation I seem to have taken from the blog. After Best of Weddings I had a lot of down time, which was great...but I don't think my body knew what to do with itself. I was sick off and on, and then it hit full force last Saturday and I am now just feeling a bit of energy to get some images on the blog. The show was a great success and I'll keep the recap for another post. Without further ado some of my most favorite images.

All Photos below by KM Photography.

Gift Bags

Ribbon that was cut beforehand for all the brides!

Verve working hard before the Fashion Show.

Carmina doing being the excellent make-up artist that she is!

Let the Fashion Show begin, looking good in Banana Republic.

Janell Berte Gowns

Winter Cake by House of Clarendon

Designs by Renee, Event Central, Special O, Shumaker PDT

All Things Beautiful

Petals and Beans, Anticipate Invitations, Special Occasions

Anticipate Invitaitons

The Girls of Planned Perfection

All Photos below by Leslie Gilbert Photography:

Hollywood Glamor

Leslie Gilbert Photography

Petals and Beans

Kelly from Planned Perfection getting ready for the brides!

Byers Butterflake Bakery

All Photos by Matthew Tennison Photography:

Ashley and Derek from Lavon Films

Flowers by Paulette

Persnickety Invitations, Grand Events, Studio Jenz, Bella Manse

All Things Beautiful, Designs by Renee, Special Occasions

Matthew Tennison, LaVon Films

Bella Manse

Studio Jenz, Grand Events, Flowers by Paulette

Yours Truly :)