Jessica and Greg Bartman - 10/18/09

Last Sunday Diana and I had the pleasure of being a part of Jessica and Greg's beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at The Leola Village Inn, Casa Di Fiori...which we just love soooo much.  I met with Vivi (Mother of the Bride) and Jessica over a year ago when they first came to me for assistance.  Because they are not from the area, Diana of Planned Perfection worked on creating a wedding filled weekend for the bridal party, families and all friends.  Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for everyone :(  Nonetheless, the wedding was beautiful.

Beautiful Bride's bo-k by All Things Beautiful.

From the very intimate Jewish Ceremony to the oh so heartfelt speech from the groom...ladies he brought out excerpts from his journal, that the bride had never heard before, and read from the days that he first met Jessica and just knew she was the one (even though she had a boyfriend of 7 months at the time), to the their first kiss and all of their great moments together.  It definitely was a tear jerker, especially when the groom him self was getting chocked up and the bride was sobbing.  Oh I'm a sucker for it all!!

I have never seen a couple so at ease with each other and so in love.  They just knew each other inside and out and complimented each other so well.  (side note:  they dated for 17 years before this day!)

The reception had great food, dancing and of course the fun filled Hora!

New Ceremony Set-Up at Casa, we loved it!!

Bridesmaids Bo-ks by All Things Beautiful

Byers Butterflake Cake!

Look how Special Occasions Linens knows how to dress a table!

Table recognizing important family members on their wedding was a conversation starter for sure!