Steadman/Smoker Wedding, June 13 2009

Well it is 6:30 a.m. on the morning of Jessie Steadman and Doug Smoker's wedding. I couldn't even sleep in this morning with the excitement I have building for this event. It seriously is the feeling a kid gets on Christmas morning. This wedding is very special to me as the Steadman's are truly wonderful friends of mine.  Kelly Steadman, owner and floral designer of All Things Beautiful has been the inspiration for the starting of my own business back in 2005! I met her while planning my own wedding, booked her for my florist and from their a friendship formed. She inspired me time and time again with her creativity, talent and passion for this industry to create All Things Beautiful. I honestly would not be where I am today without her.

So when I got the news that her youngest daughter was engaged to be married and it she would be needing my services, I jumped on board with open arms! I knew from the start this would be different than any other wedding. Having a mother who is in the industry and could do the flowers, we were definitely in for a treat!

Yesterday, Marah and I arrived at the Smoker Residence to help with set-up and direct the rehearsal. Jessie and Doug are getting married at Doug's home which is stunningly beautiful and sits on over 50 acres! First up was to stop at Special Occasions and pick up the bride and groom's chavari chairs and chair covers as well as all their runners and toppers. Upon arrival we greeted Kelly and her team, and got a little distracted by watching them make all the floral arrangements and noticing how many flowers were in the refrigerated truck!




After googling over all of the flowers we hopped on the golf cart and made our way through the different locatons for the event.  First stop was to meet Keith from Shumaker PDT and talk about lighting and sound!

They had laid all the tables and chairs out and all the lighting was in place at this point!

There will be lighting on the dance floor, spotlighting on the fabulous cake from Rosie's Creative Cakes and a projected pattern on the top of the tent!

All tables will have beautiful ivory floor length linens from Grand Events then topped with table runners and toppers from Special Occasions .   I can not wait to see the tablescapes of flowers galore on all the guest tables!

Shumaker is coming back today to create a gorgeous grand entrance right here.

Chandelier that is hanging over the bridal party table.  This is actually one the bride picked out from the mother of the groom's antique shop.

After talking with Keith we then made our way through the cocktail area...there will be 11 cocktail tables that Shumaker will be placing beautiful natural burlap clothes over, so fitting for the location.  Marah and I later went and placed potted ferns at each high top which will also later receive pillar candles.

If you look to the left of the bridge you can see the bare high top tables.  Such a beautiful beautiful setting.

Now on to the ceremony site.

These rows of flowers were planted a couple of months ago to create the aisle that Jessie will walk down.  There were some benches also set out for rehearsal, much more will be there today as 250 guests will be arriving.  The benches were rented from a local camp site.  Today flowers will be hanging from the trees in littlee glass jars and a live harp and yucalali will be playing!

After checking all the sites we then went to place votive candles in all the glass jars hanging in clusters from the trees that will line the path to the ceremony and cocktail hours.  The night ended with a relaxing rehearsal dinner surrounding an inviting pool, good friends and good times!

I absolutely can not wait to post some pictures I get from the event today, and even more so to post pictures that Matthew Tennison captures!

Stay tuned for all the fabulous details!!!!!