Weddings: Post 1 of 3 Mindy and Ryan

Hi all, I don't even know where to start. This weekend Planned Perfection had 3 weddings. I'll start this post with Friday's Wedding, Mindy and Ryan. We started this fun filled weekend on Thursday evening with rehearsal at the Willow Valley Chapel. ~

Mindy and Ryan! Beautiful Stain Glass Windows behind them.

On Friday afternoon Kelly and I arrived to do some pre-ceremony set up. We talked things over with the sound tech, D.J. who was great, confirmed the flow with Rev. JoAnn Glasse who is ALWAYS a pleasure to work with, and got to chat with our good friend Brad Carlson who also does a fantastic job at videography. We awaited the bridal party's arrival and got right down to business.

The ceremony was beautiful and went very smoothly. It was followed by a bubble exit (which is one of three for the weekend!) and then off the guests went to The Eden Resort for the reception. At this point in time I had to leave for a rehearsal for Saturday's Wedding and Kelly took things over.

Kelly has some good shots of the yummy cake Bella Manse provided and some reception details that included Monkeys :) I will provide when I receive them.

This was the first wedding I got to work with Jamie and Andrew from Epic Photography . Not only were they so friendly, but they were actually life savors. Mindy and Ryan came to me a few weeks before there wedding saying that they didn't think their photographer would show and were wondering if there was anyone I could recommend that might be available and within their budget only weeks before there event. I contacted Jamie and she was available!!! Wahoo! I will surely let you know when some pro pics are available for your viewing pleasure. Not only was this the first time that I got to work with them, but I was lucky enough to be working with them the very next day for Saturday's wedding .

Thank you to all Vendors who made this wedding a success! ~

Willow Valley Chapel

The Eden Resort

Bella Manse Cakes

Epic Photography

Brad Carlson Videography

Festive Photobooths

Rohrer Family Farms Florist