Mr. and Mrs. Hagy

Congratulations to Lorraine and Gabe. Their wedding ceremony and reception was all held at Twin Brook Winery in Gap, Pa. We started the day at The Eden Resort to pick up some items for the wedding. The girls were all staying in a fabulous suite. Traffic was absolutely horrendous! By the time I finally got to the site it was time to go to work. Turns out the ceremony site was set up all wrong. This entailed moving 185 chairs and an arch made out of branches. After we rearranged everything it was exactly the way the bride wanted and looked fabulous.

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Amy and Tony Hoffer of Hoffer Photography . They were so sweet and already, the day after the wedding they have some sneak peak images up on their blog. I have posted a few below. Check out their blog for more images!

The girls getting ready in their suite.

Gorgeous fall fall flowers handmade by the bride and her attendants.

15 min. till start time and we still don't have a groom and 7 groomsmen. This was all because their limo broke down. So we were 30 min. behind schedule. As soon as the guys got their, we pinned on their boutts and sent them down the aisle!


The staff at the winery was great. This gator came in very handy when it was time to haul all of the cermony chairs up to the reception, as well as all the mums from the ceremony site, oh and not to mention all of the guys!!


After the ceremony and cocktail hour we moved things into the greenhouse for the reception. The food was FABULOUS and Perfect Settings Catering was absolutely wonderful to work with. Especially with all the set backs we ran into. Debbie and her staff were always smiling and it was such a pleasure to meet them. Staye tuned for another post with detail shots of their displays and set ups!

We kicked off the reception with the couple's first dance.


Congratulations to Gabe and Lorraine!


Hoffer Photography

Perfect Settings Catering