Hillary and Neil: Part 1

Hello all! What a busy weekend we have in store for us. It all started yesterday at 9:00 a.m. with set-up for Hillary and Neil's reception at Liberty Place. We we're greeted among some fabulous vendors for this set up. Claudia and her team at Special Occasions providing the fabulous linens. Rod from Shumaker PDT creating stunning lighting for the event. My dear friend Kelly Steadman from ATB came to set up the canopy that the bride and groom had rented. This time we added some lighting to give it that extra special touch. Floral designs of Mt. Joy came to set up some glassware and decor, as well as the caterers, All About You Catering and Ace Rents with the china, glassware, high tops, etc. Hmmm am I forgetting anyone...I'm sure I am. Kelly M., Amy and Marah came on board for this event and I couldn't have done the set up without them. While I was getting torn in many directions for questions, and different tasks, they stayed focused on placing all 282 chair covers and sashes, providing dishes of Hershey kisses filled on each table, table numbers, little cards that explained the favors, hanging pictures, setting up the cocktail hour and other decor elements. They were a fantastic team and we finished up just before 2:00 p.m.

At this point I headed home for a bit of relaxation before I had to leave again at 4:00 for rehearsal. The rehearsal went very smoothly and was filled with a lot of emotion. Hillary had planned a surprise excerpt from their marriage workbook to be included in their programs. When the bride's mom saw this it brought her to tears.

The ceremony will be beautiful. The music alone is so moving!

Below are some pictures from set-up and rehearsal. Stay tunned for Part 2.