Stephanie and Burt 05/24/2008

What a wonderful day for a wedding...(well everyday in my book is a wonderful day for any wedding!!) But the sun was out, and it was an awesome 75 degrees!! Today Stephanie and Burt were married at Lauxmont Farms. There ceremony and reception took place at the Rotunda. Stephanie had some pretty great details for her day. She put together a very modern black and white mosaic seating chart! Mind you she had to hand cut these tiles with a tile saw, and then write on each one of them! The end product was so great. She also designed the centerpieces herself and was so gracious to give a lucky winner at each table the entire ensemble. The party didn't take long to get started! With all of the wonderful polish traditions incorporated into the reception the guests were up and moving and stomping and clapping in no time! Can't wait to see some images from the ever so lively Apron Dance.

I worked with one of my most favorite and most talented photographers today...Kris from KM Photography! I can't wait for some shots to be up on her blog and will post them when she puts them up. Also another one of my favs...Bella Manse supplied the incredible cake. Take a look at some snapshots I was able to get. I will post when the professional ones are ready!

Thanks to all of the wedding professionals who made this day possible for Stephanie and Burt. They are such a wonderful couple and had an awesome day! Congratulations to you and your families.

Lauxmont Farms

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Bella Manse

KM Photography

Festive Board Catering