Tom and Erin's Wedding

What a BEAUTIFUL day!!! The sun was brightly shining and by the time I got to my car, to head to the reception, the thermostat read a whopping 70 degrees!!When I arrived at the church, the sun was peeping through the beautiful stained glass window.Of course I was the first there, so here I am, as I wait for the bridal party.Ok...programs check, unity candle (well unity sand) check, pew candles check, alter candelabras check! Oh and now the florist, Kelly Steadman, is here....we can pin bouts and get flowers distributed check!Now off to make sure pictures are underway for the the guys and the girls...the boys were having so much fun getting their pictures taken. They told me this was their favorite pose for the photographer! The girls were a little more traditional :)Ok, places's time to start. The ceremony went off without out a hitch! I did see Tom looking for his sticker...he was perfectly centered :)Now, on to the reception. A short 10 min. drive to the Revere Tavern, located on Lincoln Highway. I was able to capture a quick shot of the guests entering and then the one of the wonderful centerpieces designed by All Things Beautiful.I have to say, Tom and Erin, and their families had a spectacular day! Have a wonderful honeymoon and congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman!!