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"Signature Weddings," by Michelle Rago


Working with Wedding Planners

"Wedding planners are an asset for any bride who is working full-time and is planning a large-scale wedding or a destination wedding. Remember that once the wedding weekend arrives you want to be a worry-free bride. The wedding planner facilitates and becomes the liaison between all parties, including the bride and her family, the designer, the caterer, and all the vendors. The planner is the perfect partner to the bride and runs interference for her every step of the way. A wedding planner can become the bride's eyes and ears and spare the bride and her parents the myriad of little questions that must be answered but not necessarily by them. He or she can help with travel arrangements, check deliveries, dealing with the band or other entertainment, accommodating last-minute guests at seated dinners (horror!), and just troubleshooting in general. ... I say let the wedding planner figure it out, and let the bride enjoy being a bride."

I could not have said this any better myself. Many brides, even those with a full-time job, may think that they do not need a wedding planner, however, months and even weeks before a wedding, suddenly a light bulb goes off....hmmm...who is going to line up my wedding party, who will make sure the music starts on time, who will make sure my grandparents get their corsages and boutinieres, how will the guests get in place for my grand exit from the ceremony?? You can plan for every detail, but when that day comes, you simply will not be able to orchestrate everything yourself and quite honestly no one expects you to!!

One thing to remember, a wedding planner should not be an added expense, they should be worked into the budget and ultimately help you save money and time :)