"Silver and Gold"

My wonderful mother just got me a subscription to Martha Stewart...how sweet of her :)  In looking through the pages I stumbled upon a really pretty idea for winter wedding receptions....and so easy too.

Frosted Glass Vases with snowflakes
"You don't need a visit from Jack Frost to re-create the appearance of ice-glazed glass. You can "frost" inexpensive cylindrical glass vases with glass-frosting spray to make these candleholders. Use a snowflake craft punch to cut shapes from a self-adhesive laminating sheet. Affix snowflakes to outside of each vase. Apply glass-frosting spray (available at home-supply stores) in an even layer all over outside of vase; let dry. Using tip of a craft knife, carefully peel off stickers."  Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Also, a wonderful idea for place cards, which could also serve as favors for a "Silver and Gold" Themed Christmas wedding are picture frame ornaments!  I picked these wonderful items up at The Christmas Tree Shops.  This is a great home decorating store that displays wonderful decorating items at an unbeatable price all year round, not just for christmas junkies!  These awesome beautiful frames are only $1.00 a piece!