Welcome To The Blog

So with all the hype around blogs and blogging I thought I should give it a try. I love to look at and browse many blogs... preferrably wedding related. Please be patient with me as I learn all about blogging and what it has to offer. My wedding season is over Dec. 29 and after that I will be able to really sit down and take a look at what I have to offer all you bloggers. Until then... stay tuned... as for now, i'm off to a rehearsal tonight at the beautiful new location at Leola Village Inn and Suites, Casa di Fiori! Can't wait to share pictures and my experience there! Stephanie Lambert, the new director of special events is amazing and I look forward very much to working with her. She was formerly with the York Country Club, which is also a beautiful venue! * * * * * Just got back from rehearsal! It was a sucess! The bridal party was wonderful to work with, and tomorrow will be a wonderful day!

Here are some pictures of the venue ... can't wait to share, once the place is decorated.